Kalyon Garaj Prototyping and Entrepreneurship Center offers researchers, entrepreneurs and SMEs; It provides the opportunity to transform their ideas into designs and their designs into physical products (prototypes).

The aim of the center, which was implemented by Hasan Kalyoncu University with the support of İpekyolu Development Agency, within the scope of the Support Program for Attraction Centers; It is the creation of high-quality and value-added products by supporting and accelerating the R&D, innovation, technology transfer and commercialization processes of entrepreneurs.

The center, managed by Kalyoncu Innovation and Technology Transfer Office (KALITTO), provides service with academic and technical mentors, advisory board and expert staff, and Kalyon Garaj consists of 3 main units:

Mechanical Atelier: In the workshop where machining operations are carried out, CAD drawings and high precision prototypes are produced with CAM processing software, depending on the project needs.

Electronic Atelier: Electronic card design and manufacture are carried out in the workshop, which has high precision test and measurement devices.

Reverse Engineering Atelier: Scanning objects, 3D modeling, and production of advanced prototypes.


For Kalyon Garaj Cooperation and Communication;

Nusret IŞIL – Mechanical Engineer

Tel: 90 342 211 80 80 / 2240

E-mail: nusret.isil@hku.edu.tr