University-Industry Cooperation

The main purpose of the University-Industry Cooperation Unit is to contribute to the transformation of the scientific potential of the university into economic value by transferring it to the industry, and to provide sustainable cooperation between the academicians and industrialists at the university by directing the companies in the region to R&D and innovation studies.


In this direction;

  • Providing project consultancy services to academia and industry (project writing, execution, reporting),
  • Providing support to R&D Center, Design Center, or technopark branch establishment and project development processes,
  • Developing projects to benefit from the national and international grant and support programs for the R&D-based works of industrial organizations,
  • Presenting, applying, commercializing the scientific studies of academicians to the service of the needed sectors,
  • Directing the needs demands coming from the industry to the right academician with expertise in the subject at the university and providing consultancy services,
  • Building university-industry meeting platforms,
  • To create an industry needs analysis in line with the information obtained during regular industrialist visits to identify the problems of industrialists,
  • Providing services and activities on issues such as contract management, legal consultancy, and follow-up of financial issues in projects at the cooperation stage.