Digital Advertising and Marketing Training Is Held!

Digital Advertising and Marketing Training is held face-to-face at HKU on the 28th of September 2022.

Within the scope of the ENHANCER project carried out by Hasan Kalyoncu University, Digital Advertising and Marketing Training is organized for SMEs, Startups, and Mentors.

This training, which is held for FREE, between 28 September and 03 October 2022;

fac-to-face training is held On September 28, between 13:30-16:30 at HKU Campus KALITTO Classroom,

It is held online between 13:30-16:30 on 30 September and 03 October 2022.

The training content consists of the following topics;
A. Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing for SMEs
• Marketing And Its Conceptual Framework
• What is Integrated Marketing Communications?
• Introduction to Digital Marketing
• Digital Marketing Channels
• Digital Marketing Strategies and Management

B. Brand Management Process and Digitalization in SMEs
• Brand creation process
• Successful brand strategies
• How should a digital brand be created?

C. Digital Content Production in SMEs
• Types of Digital Content
• Short video shooting and editing
• Photo production for effective content
• Continuous content production
• Approach to content production