Prototyping Atelier

Prototyping; It is the production of samples of the parts with one-to-one or close strengths with various methods in order to eliminate the errors that may arise before mass production is started. Compared to the serial or pre-series production, it is possible to manufacture lesser units (such as 1-100) within a few hours or a few days, depending on the geometry of the part. Basically, you can obtain your parts with 5 different production technologies. These are; FDM, MJF, SLA, SLS and DMLS technologies.



It is an application to get the product you have designed in a few hours and see how it will look in real life. It allows you to experience the analysis of the concept model live before moving on to functional tests.



After your design is finished, you can switch to this application area in areas where you can easily perform the necessary tests. In addition to strength tests such as impact and tensile, the results of chemical resistance show whether you agree with your concept model. It allows you to produce functional parts to perform other tests you need.



It is the application method used in the production of complex parts or parts that facilitate control and assembly, such as jigs and fixtures used in the stages after production. It offers more economical and faster solutions than traditional methods.



It is a method applied in small quantity and boutique productions, without the cost of mold, in a fast and economical way, with materials that will meet the needs at the optimum level. It enables you to obtain solid parts by enabling one-to-one and end-user part manufacturing.