The Application of Certified Mentorship Training is Opened

– Would you like to share your knowledge and skills with new entrepreneurs and SMEs and contribute to their success?

– Interested in diversifying your career by gaining mentoring skills?

Then becoming a Mentor is for you!
In the Enhancer-AB project carried out by Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU); It is aimed that experienced experts in technical and administrative fields will guide new entrepreneurs and SMEs with their knowledge and skills after the certified mentoring training to be given.

Within the scope of mentoring activities, Entrepreneurs and SMEs will be supported by certified mentors in the process of developing new products and producing prototypes. Experts participating in the system will improve their mentoring skills, contribute to the production of value-added products and earn additional income.

What is Mentoring?
mentoring; A person who has experience, knowledge or expertise in a particular field contributes to the development of another by guiding and informing, in other words, mentoring. That is, experts share their experience and skills with others.

Required conditions for application:
• Having at least 5 years of work experience,
• For technical mentors; 4-year Engineering or 2-Year Technical and Vocational Education departments of universities,
• For administrative mentors; Universities’ 4-year Economic-Administrative sciences etc. to graduate from departments,
• Innovation, Industrial Design, Design Thinking, Mass production, New Product Development, TRIZ etc. experience in the fields.
• Having strong communication skills.

Expectations from the mentor:
• Participating in a total of 24 hours of certified mentoring training,
• By making a total of 56 hours of mentoring meetings with the entrepreneur or SME they match, new product development, design, prototyping, etc. to transfer its experience in the fields and to report it
• Being available in cases where he/she needs to communicate with the program team,
• To support the new product development of an entrepreneur or SME.


*This project is funded by the European Union.
The main purpose of the ENHANCER project, funded by the EU and carried out by the International Migration Policy Development Center (ICMPD) with the coordination of the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, is to contribute to the participation of Syrians under Temporary Protection in the Host Communities through livelihoods and employment opportunities.